Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

Dov对我们工人的待遇非常好,很有亲切感,经常下来厂里跟我们互动,我们很爱他。现在的那个CEO Paula,那的样子我们都没见过,我们也没见过她来厂里看我们或我们的工作。我们现在的工作量减少了,就是因为Dov不在,新的老板没有能力提供给我们工作。希望Dov能够回到我们的公司,和我们一起战斗!

Dov treated us workers very well, we felt close to him, he would frequently visit the factory floors and do our exercises with us, we love him. The current CEO, Paula, we have never even seen her face, she has never come to the factory floors to see us nor our work. Our work has been severely reduced, because Dov isn’t here, the new boss doesn’t have the power to give us work. I hope Dov can return to our company and fight with us!